Painting your home

Tips on painting your home:

1) Hire a professional painter

2) When choosing colors, don’t have them color match pictures out of a magazine.  You’ll end up with $100 of the wrong color paint.  Instead, use those little color swatches to pick a color, then have them make a $3 sample, and paint it on your boring, white walls.

3) If after painting one wall, you realize that you don’t like the color, STOP.  I can assure you that it will not improve as it dries.

Homemade Hot Knife (Plastic Cutter)

Ever tried to repair injection molded plastic items, or make a small modification by cutting them?  Usually you end up with cracked plastic and disappointing results.  A hot knife would be nice, but I’m not ready to pay for a specialized tool like that.  A quick visit to google, and I made my own, from an old soldering iron.  Works great!