Painting your home

Tips on painting your home:

1) Hire a professional painter

2) When choosing colors, don’t have them color match pictures out of a magazine.  You’ll end up with $100 of the wrong color paint.  Instead, use those little color swatches to pick a color, then have them make a $3 sample, and paint it on your boring, white walls.

3) If after painting one wall, you realize that you don’t like the color, STOP.  I can assure you that it will not improve as it dries.

Charging around town

It’s great that Bookman’s has charging stations for electric cars, but I can’t get much charge in the 30-40 minutes that I spend in Bookman’s.  Sure, if I was desperately short of energy, and another 10 miles of range would make all the difference, it would be great, but I think electric (and gasoline) car drivers are more responsible that that.  What’s interesting is that the electric meter hooked up to the charging station has dispensed only 198kWh in its whole life.  At ~4.5 mi/kWh, that’s 891 miles worth of driving.  One gas pump would deliver that in about 15 minutes of use.  And, although Bookman’s is providing this service for free, the electricity they have delivered has cost them less than $20.


Homemade Hot Knife (Plastic Cutter)

Ever tried to repair injection molded plastic items, or make a small modification by cutting them?  Usually you end up with cracked plastic and disappointing results.  A hot knife would be nice, but I’m not ready to pay for a specialized tool like that.  A quick visit to google, and I made my own, from an old soldering iron.  Works great!

When the batteries run out…

So it’s actually not that easy to run out of battery power with the Nissan Leaf.  It warns you when you’re down to 15 miles, then keeps warning you that you are going to run out of power, then puts you into “turtle mode” where you can’t go faster than 15 mph, and then finally dies.  We actually had to take about 10 laps around the neighborhood to actually get to zero.  I will say that once you’re in turtle mode, don’t stop in the driveway to open the garage door.  The car will give up, and you will be 20 feet from the fast charger…

i drove the new car!

The Nissan Leaf visited Tucson for the Fourth Avenue street fair back on December 11, 2010.  Is it telling that I only went to the street fair to drive the Leaf?  Either way, it was a great test drive, and confirmed that the Leaf was destined for our garage.